We Carry Out Various Pile Load & Integrity Test Methods On Piles Installed

High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing (PDA Test)
High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing Is Performed Using A Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) And Case Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP) To Assess The Static Load Capacity, Settlement And Integrity Of The Pile Installed.

Low Strain Dynamic Pile Testing (PIT Test)
Low Strain Dynamic Pile Testing Is Performed Using A Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) To Assess The Structural Integrity Of The Pile Installed To Check For Defects Such As Voids, Cracks And Necking.

Sonic Logging Test (SLT)
Sonic Logging Test Is Carried Out To Detect Concrete Quality, Necking Or Discontinuity Of Pile Cross Sectional Area.

Static Load Test (Maintained Load Test, MLT)

Static Load Test Or Maintained Load Test Is Normally Carried Out To Twice The Designed Working Load Of A Pile By Applying Static Load To The Pile To Ascertain The Bearing Capacity Of The Pile Installed And The Settlement And Rebound Characteristic.

Bi-Directional Load Test
This Is An Alternative Method Of Load Test For Bored Pile And Is Safer Compared With Conventional Method Of Static Load Test Which Require Massive Setting Up Of Concrete Blocks. Based On Soil Investigation And Design Criteria, Suitable Number Of Jacks Will Be Installed At Predetermined Location During The Construction Of Bored Piles. The Piles Will Be Jacked Upwards And Downwards (Bi-Directional) To Ascentain The Friction And Bearing Capacity Of Pile.

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